Pleasant Thyme Herb Farm’s Mission: Is to grow and provide for customers a wide selection of healthy, interesting and occasionally unusual herb, flowering and vegetable plants.

Pleasant Thyme Herb Farm opened in 1998 and sold only herb plants, and was open Thursday through Sunday. Quickly it became evident that there was a demand for plants that were different from the common types that gardeners in central Michigan had available to them from the other local plant providers.  Annual bedding, perennial and vegetable plants were added and the doors were open 7 days a week.

Today, I offer mostly annual plants that can be used in herb, vegetable, flower or container gardens.  I also carry a large selection of hanging baskets.  Many of the flowering plants are grown offsite and brought in for resale.  However, I do start many varieties from seed that other growers won't try because they may not conform to mass production methods or there may not be a highly profitable market.  Also I have not needed to spray any pesticides on any flowering plants in several seasons. 

In addition to the work at the greenhouse, I grow the sidewalk flower planters and hanging baskets for the City of Mt Pleasant and Union Township's East Downtown Development Authority. 

David Breedlove

Owner of Pleasant Thyme Herb Farm

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